Southern Colonies- The Murrihyville Plantation

Welcome to the page where you can share information about your daily life in the Southern Colonies and give information about your trade or role in the colony. As a group, make sure you share information about what life is like for you, and how you work together. As an individual, be sure to include a bio of yourself and information about your trade, including a picture. Use citation maker to cite your sources at the end of this page. 


Daily Life in Murrihyville

Work as a group to complete a short fictional narrative about what life might have been like in Murrihyville.


Meet the Murrihyville Colonists


The Teacher- Audrey G.-

My name is Faith White. My trade is a school master. I terribly miss the rolling green hills of England. I left England because I felt I needed to start over. I did not enjoy living in England. I couldn't make anything of my life there. I felt I could start a new life here in the new world. My daily life is extremely hard. I do not have a husband or children. I came here with my younger sister, Charity. Our mother and father are back in England. I now take care of Charity. I must be at the school house by 2:00 p.m., and sometimes I don't get back until 5:00 p.m. My school house is very small and I don't have a lot of supplies. I only have six wells of ink and only thirteen or fourteen feather quills. I do not have much paper. It is very hard to be a school master. 


The Carpenter- Matthew-

My name is Matthew Linnhoff and I am a Carpenter in the Southern Colonies. I came from the cold, over-crowded and polluted country of England. I left because of that wretched King James Of England kept forcing us to go to the Church Of England and had us pay taxes every week, I barely had enough to support my family. When I came to the colonies I hoped to make a living to support my family by becoming a Carpenter, I also hoped to have extra money so we could become a wealthy family with valuable goods. Well everything went as planned I became a great carpenter and earned enough to by valuable goods for my family. Here in the south I help build houses, plantations, markets, school houses, governors houses and many other types of buildings. The economy is great here in the south we have so many successful crops and people in our colonies that we have slaves imported from Africa to work for us. But me and the family prefer to do our work and earn money by ourselves. My daily life is wake up, get clothes on, start cooking fire, eat breakfast, get tools ready and start doing my job. My tools helped me earn money for my family. I would wash them every day to keep them clean. Being a Carpenter in the South is an honor. Living in the New World is by far better than living in England.



The Governor- Jessica 

My name is Hope and right now my trade is a representative of the house of Burgesses. It is important because I help make the laws so no one acts badly or gets hurt. I came to the Southern colonies to make a living. I really miss the Englanders and England itself but I am much happier here. Usually I am thinking of laws to make or attending meetings at the house of Burgesses. When I am not at meetings, I am in the house cooking and weaving. I do these chores to help my family.



The Weaver- Audrey P.

My name is Hope Sanders and I am a weaver and I live in the southern colony. I do miss the warm climate in the West Indies it was so warm. I get up in the bright sunny day. I get up and get dressed to heed off to work. I get a lot of costumers alot of the time. My husband does not make me make his clothes. He goes to another weaver so he/she can do it. I also Have two kids one is a girl the other is a boy. My daughters name is Faith Sanders. My sons name is Matthew Sanders. He is a good person he is 5 and Faith is 3. I love them to death. There is a costumer over and over that talks all the time.



The Child- Alyssa

My name is Charity White and my trade is a colonial child. I live in the southern colonies with my older sister Faith. Faith is the school master. My mother and father still live in England. Sometimes we terribly miss the beautiful rolling, green hills of England. We left because we wanted to become more wealthy. I go to school and learn how to read and write. We learn to read on a wooden hornbook. Most of us use quail pens to write with. The school room has only one room and if we misbehave we have harsh discipline. My trade is important to my sister because when we get home from the school house I have to help prepare before dark. After that our day has ended and we go to bed.



The Small Tobacco Farmer- John

My name is John Goodwill and I am a tobacco farmer in the southern colonies. I came here to start a new business and to earn more money. The trade of a tobacco farmer is important for this colony because you could trade or barter it and get other goods. I wake up at six in the morning to go to work and come home before dark. My job is difficult because I have to grow the crops well and it is a long process. The daily task feels like it never ends but its worth it. Every night I come home and see my wife and kids.


The Silversmith- Joshua 

My name is Joshua and I am a silversmith from the west indies.I am looking to trade and sell my silver cups, plates, and ladles. Coming to the southern colony was a hard and long journey. I have a home sickness that is pulling me home. But I have an urge to stay. I have a small shop in the middle of the town. I melt the silver and shape it into silver wear that other people use to eat or drink.