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Middle Colonies- Economics

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 Viola, Dr.Herman J. Social Studies. Boston, Ma: Houghton Mifflin, 2005. Print.



     Did you know that you are going to be learning about the economics in the Middle Colonies? My partner and I are going to amaze you by telling you about the agriculture, the livestock they raised, and the trades they could make because of the easily traveled rivers.


 Agriculture was important because it is good for the farmer because he could grow enough food for the whole family. They grew vegetables, fruits, and other crops. They also grew wheat, barley, and corn. The climate and the soil in the Middle Colonies was very excellent for farming. It was excellent because males and females work in the fields big times. They use the food for either eating or selling it.   


In this paragraph I will tell you about what livestock the farmers needed, what it was used for, and how they got it from place to place. The livestock was pig, and cattle and other animals like that. The livestock was used for trading food for money to get what they needed to live. Live stock was mostly used on farms and on plantations.  

One grains in the Middle Colonies that frmers farm


In this paragraph I will tell you about the rivers. Rivers were used very much in the Middle Colones. Farmers used it to ship grains to Phillidelpha or New York. Grains included barley, wheat and corn. Since the Middle Colonies had great soil and climate, this made the region excellent for farming. Some rivers in the Middle Colonies include the Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Hudson River, and the St. Lawrence River. The Susquehanna River went from New York to Philadelphia. 

This is a river for shipping grains to diffrerent countries


Now you know the Agriculture, Livestock, and Rivers in the Middle Colonies. I hoped you enjoyed this page of our wiki. I hoped you learned more about the Economics in the Middle Colonies.




























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