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Southern Colonies- Government

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Wouldn't it be crazy if one day you woke up and you were in the 1600's  and you couldn't have your own religion. I bet you would be really mad and freaked out well thats what it was like back then. Read on and find out things about the southern colonies  in the 1600's . 


Important Leaders  


 There were many important leaders in the southern colonies. Their was James Oglethorpe, Cecilius Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore, John Smith  and The House Of Burgesses .  The colonies got along with the Natives with the help of these people. They traded copper, beads and other goods with the native americans and also made peace with them so there were no more conflicts between the colonists and the natives . They sent some of the goods they received in the trades to England so they can use it and sell it.


The Rules Of The Church

The rule of the Puritans was if you were a Quaker or a different religious believer you could not go to a Puritan Church. People who did not follow these rules would be hung or would be kicked out of the colony. If you were a Puritan you had to wear dark colors and are not aloud to miss church or you would have been punished. 


Trade In The Southern Colony


  Trade in the southern colony was one of the most important things to do. Since  tabacco  and other cash crops grow well in the colony. The plantation owners

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