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Southern Colonies- Economics

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Southern Colonies Economy


     Have you ever thought of what the southern colonies economies were like? Back then they didn't have electricity or machines, so they had to do things by hand and relied on natural resources for help. They also made things to sell for money, but also traded it for food, valuables, goods and survival objects.  




Natural Resources


     Natural resources were important in the southern colonies, they helped the colonies survive and become wealthy. The natural resources in the southern colonies were tobacco, rice, indigo and pitch. Tobacco was used for smoking and rice was good to eat, both grew well in the hot climates of the southern colonies. Indigo was used for blue dye and pitch was used to seal boards on ships so water didn't pour in and sink the boat, both grew in the hot forests of the south. 



Impact Natural Resources Had On Colonists


     These resources had a major impact on the colonists of the southern colonies. It helped them by giving something for the colonists to eat,smoke and sell to other colonists to survive in the new world. Many people became rich after selling these resources to the Middle and New England colonies for money and other valuable items. But they also got other resources from those colonies that wouldn't be found in the southern colonies. Things like fish, whales, cattle, pigs, vegetables, fruit, wheat, corn and barley were usally what they received with in the 13 colonies. 




Imports And Exports



The southern colonies needs were at standard. But the colonists wanted to own valuables, survival items and workers. So they took what ever they had extra of and gave it to merchants to trade for goods in England, Africa and The West Indies  anywhere it was needed for valuables, survival items and workers. The southern colonies usally exported Tobacco, Rice, Indigo, Iron and Cotton. In return their imports would usally be Clothing, Furniture, Tools, Silver, Books, Leather Goods, Sugar, Molasses, Weapons and Slaves. The colonists loved receiving this it made their life in the New World a lot easier. They wouldn't have to work so hard all they really had to do is sit back and relax if they owned slaves but if they didn't they would still have to work very hard.




     You just learned about the southern colonies economy and how the colonists in those colonies rely on Natures Resources. The southern colonies were known for it's good crops, hard workers, valuables and goods. Now you know about the southern colonies economy.  Thank you for reading.


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